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Extreme Makeover Home Edition

Extreme Makeover: Home Edition Sunday, Oct. 28, ABC 8/7c

The Yazzie Family

IQAir helps Extreme Makeover Home Edition to build a family on a Navajo reservation in the Arizona desert the world’s first "extreme green" home. The Perfect 16 whole-house air cleaning system helps the daughter’s severe asthma, while helping to save the planet through its green design. … read more

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The Esquire House

Esquire House Los Angeles 2006

IQAir Whole-House Air Purification for the Esquire House 2006

Minyak the Orangutan

Case Study: Minyak the Orangutan

Learn how we solved an orangutan's air quality issue.

American Red Cross Logo

Southern California Wildfires

IQAir works with the Red Cross during the Southern California Wildfires.