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Room Air Purifiers

IQAir Room Air Purifiers

IQAir room air purifiers offer plug-and-play air purification of the highest standard. These units are placed in the room(s) where you spend most of your time, typically a living room or bedroom. One unit is powerful enough to effectively purify the air in an entire room or connected indoor spaces of up to 75 m².

Professionally Installed Air Cleaning

Whole-House Air Cleaners

IQAir Perfect 16 Whole-House Air Purifier

Purify the air in your entire home with a central air cleaning system. IQAir whole-house purification systems utilise the ductwork of your existing heating and/or cooling system to distribute purified air to every room in your house. Since the filtration system is placed in a utility room, basement or attic, the installation is invisible and totally silent.

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